The Aroleid Kollektive joins a proud tradition of gourmet experiences in Zermatt and is built on the philosophy, that all good things in life should be shared.



It`s a new contemporary, shared-style dining experience that aims to bring a sense of community to the dining table.

In Zermatt we`re showcasing world-class gourmet cuisine under the watchful eye of the Matterhorn together with Chef Patron Marián Podola. Spanning two floors of a beautifully re-modeled alpine chalet. The ground floor offers a Chef’s table at which guests can speak with, observe, and learn from the passionate skilled chefs. The upper floor will house the pastry kitchen as well as a wonderfully decadent dessert bar to delight our guests along private dinning rooms with balconies. Ceramics school in the basement of the property lead by Nadja Pfeuti! What a treat….. 

Carefully selected wine list by Mona Seidel and outstanding coffee service.  Roasted coffee fruit by Zermatt Rösterei rounds out the new dining experience here in Zermatt.

We want to engage all your senses, and offer a broader visual, olfactory, and sensual experience – One of the best in Switzerland –

You are not just a guest, but also a co-creator.

Our vision of the Aroleid Kollektive is brought to life and supported by a group of eclectic and passionate industry professionals: chefs, coffee enthusiasts, artists, writers, sensory judges, bakers, designers, and all around dreamers.

At Aroleid Kollektive you can learn to create your own ceramics, your own coffee, spend time with the chefs in the open concept kitchen to see the fresh, seasonal ingredients transformed into works of art onto your plate, and be part of both the philosophy and the execution of the Kollektive.

We`re a part of an emerging trend in world-class, cosmopolitan gastronomy: being on top of the world at a premier ski resort does not exclude you from the innovation, excellence and atmosphere that you have come to expect of a top notch establishments elsewhere, whether in London, Tokyo, Copenhagen or New York.

DAILY OPENING HOURS 09:00 am – 06:00 pm

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